Getting to Know A School’s Personality

You've heard about this great new school in Kuala Lumpur but you don't know anything about it yet. Go on a fun filled personalised journey getting to know a school's unique personality.

Welcome to The SchoolHouse Agency’s demo on Marketing Automation for schools!

We work with a suite of tech platforms that together we call SchoolHouse Connect. These technologies, when combined with video, create workflows that connect real people with real people. In this workflow, they will connect prospective families with the admissions department in a school. Here, we will show you one of the many ways that you can better communicate with prospective families and build trust with them before they ever set foot on your campus. Here’s what’s involved in this workflow:

  1. After you fill in your info below, you will be sent a series of 3 emails with videos in them.
    You will be enrolled in a workflow that will send you a series of 3 emails. Normally, we would suggest that these emails be sent daily for three days, but you will receive them every five minutes in this demo. If you are on gmail, they will most likely appear in your Promotions folder. When you click on the video in each email, a window will appear where the video will play. This will allow the Admissions Department to track the viewing of each video for each viewer. (Note: please ignore the SchoolHouse branding on the landing pages, this will be replaced with your own school branding).   
  2. Each video will introduce an important aspect of Oasis International School
    Oasis is a great school. We love it. And they have a great story to tell. We will use the power of video to introduce three unique aspects of the school, so that the prospective family can get to know the school in bite sized bits (in marketing terms, this is called “snackable content”). 

  3. After 3 emails and videos, you will be directed to a landing page
    After receiving 3 emails and watching 3 videos, it is time for us to tell a longer and more in depth story of Oasis International School, which we will do on a landing page.  At the end of the video, there will be a form (yes, a form right inside the video!) for those interested to fill out to register for a campus tour. 

    We hope you enjoy this journey, made possible by the power of SchoolHouse Connect.  


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