School apps are a great way to engage and communicate with your school community. We can help guide you through the various options out there.

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We all remember the old school newsletter. It was sent home with students to let their parents know what was happening at the school. And it was often found at the bottom of a lunch box, indistinguishable from the old sandwich that it was wrapped around.

Today, it is just as important to communicate effectively with your existing school community as it is market your school to new prospective families. Student retention is key to the growth and stability of a school. The best way to retain families is to make them feel a part of a strong united community. And the best way to do that is through constant communication.

Email newsletters and online community portals still play a big part in this effort. But more and more, schools are turning to school apps to connect with their families and community. Because of their push notifications, apps are an effective way to inform your school community of events, emergency notifications, and school closures as well as build hype for that upcoming home football game.

There are a wide variety of school apps on the market now. Some are simply mobile versions of a website while others are separate platforms altogether. Some are extremely expensive and some are nearly free. Let us help you work through the options for your school.


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