Teacher Recruitment

You are an experienced teacher looking for your next international school position. You get to virtually meet potential peers that inform your search.

Welcome to another one of The SchoolHouse Agency’s demo workflows for schools!    

Our Schoolhouse Connect solutions work very well for teacher recruitment.  The marketing automation technology works perfectly with video.  Since we’ve created some great video content for Singapore American School around teacher recruitment, we decided to use that for this workflow as an example of what can be done.  The goal of this is to show prospective teachers some of their potential colleagues before they ever step foot on the SAS campus.  Again, the idea is to build trust and start a relationship right from the start of the journey.  

Here’s what is involved in this workflow:

  1. By clicking on the “Let’s Begin!” button at the end of this page, you will be directed to a landing page.  On that page is a form for a prospective teacher to fill out to indicate their interest to get more information about teaching at SAS.
  2. After filling out that form, you will be directed to a page to view a video about one of your potential future colleagues, a media teacher in Middle School. At the same time, you will also be sent an email with more information. (Note: please ignore the SchoolHouse branding on the landing page, this will be replaced with your own school branding).
  3. At the end of that video, there is a Call To Action to click on.  By clicking on the CTA, you will be directed to a video gallery that has one main Teacher Recruitment video and then five additional videos, each from a SAS teacher’s perspective. 
  4. Each video has a button in it that will send you to the main SAS website for Teacher Recruitment. There, you will find specific information on what teaching spots are open and how to apply.

    The idea behind this entire workflow is that the prospective teacher is able to learn a lot about SAS to make sure that it would be a good school for their next step long before they even apply (well, we will show our bias here, but as one of the top schools in the world, SAS would be a great next step for nearly anyone, if you can get hired that is!). They learn about the SAS story both from the school’s perspective as well as from their peer’s perspective. We are building a relationship here, before anyone meets anyone. 

    We hope you enjoy this journey, made possible by the power of SchoolHouse Connect.


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