Virtual Campus Tour

You are a potential parent looking for a right fit school for your children. Experience an interactive virtual campus tour!

There are several different formats that a virtual campus tour can take.  The most common one is to just have one long video that walks people through your school.  We don’t like that format for two reasons.  First, it means that you are in the driver’s seat instead of the viewer.  The viewer doesn’t have any control over their journey, so because of that it doesn’t feel personal.  The other reason that we don’t like a single video is that it is hard to capture the viewer’s contact information.

The format here solves both of those issues.  The tour is broken up into six videos, three about different divisions of the school, and three more that are about extra curricular activities.  This allows the viewer to choose which school division is the right level for the age of their child and then also choose which after school activity sounds interesting, or all three.  This interactive form also captures their contact info in a more personal way than a traditional form would. 

Take a test drive and tell us what you think.  Just click on the “Start Tour” button below.  



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