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"The SchoolHouse Agency works with some of the top international schools in the world to create results-driven marketing & enrolment strategies by combining the power of video communications with cutting-edge technology to connect real people with real people."
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Your Challenges, Our Solutions

"We need to improve our website's SEO."

We have a lot of resources that can help, from articles in our Academy to DIY tools to expert consultants that you can hire.  

"We want to do a video, but we don't know where to start."

Starting out with video can often be intimidating and complicated.  We focus on videos as marketing tools, not just as pretty pictures.  We’d love to help you learn from our experience of creating 350 school videos.  Just give us a shout!

"We can't get prospective families on campus for tours right now. What do we do?"

Everyone is struggling with the same thing right now!  We have some great custom solutions for this.  Check out our new virtual tour solution. We’d love to talk!

"Where can I go to learn more about school marketing?"

We’ve put together an entire learning centre to help people learn more about school marketing.  Check out SchoolHouse Academy here! 

"We need help making our enrolment processes more strategic."

We find the number one need schools have today is simply to increase enrolment.  Through the use of video and technology, we have many options to help in this area. 

"I know I need help, but need to brainstorm to find out exactly what we need help with."

Great! We’ve got just the tool to help. Before we can talk about solutions, you might need to better define the issues you are facing and where you want to grow.  See below. 

"Our website doesn't reflect who we are anymore."

Websites need be updated at least every three years or so.  We’d be happy to take a look at your website and see whether it just needs to be tweaked or needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.  We have great solutions for both options. 

Guide: Better Define Your Challenges

Click on the button below to walk through a guide to help you define your challenges. 


About Us

SchoolHouse Creatives was a niche video production company for international schools in Asia, with our first video eight years ago for Singapore American School.  Since then, after working with some of the top schools in the region, we realised that there was a need for a marketing agency that focused on the wide range of marketing services that international schools need.  Thus, in the summer of 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, The SchoolHouse Agency was born.

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What We Do

We are fortunate to have deep knowledge and experience with the hottest commodity in the digital marketing world today – video – and that remains our core strength.  But we haven’t stopped there. 

Over the years, we have worked with so many international schools that we seen trends and common needs.  But we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. 

We start with where your school is with its marketing and communications, and help you to envision where you want it to be.  We start with the goals and work backwards.  We then propose solutions based on your specific challenges.


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Our Consultants

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School Journeys

We are all on a journey of one type or another.  Students are on a journey to find a right-fit school.  Families are on a journey to find a community that they can thrive in.  Teachers are on a journey to find the next exciting phase of their career. 

By combining video with interactive interfaces, we create digital experiences that help facilitate these journeys – from adding humanising touches to the school research experience to bringing the unique personality of a school to life online.  Gone are the days of boring forms and one-size-fits-all information.  We use video and technology to connect real people with real people.   

Global Indian International School | Gandhi Centre

Where we've worked

Where we've worked

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Associate Members

Frequently Asked Questions

"There are agencies near me, what makes you different?"

The main thing that makes us different is that we “get” international schools.  We’ve been working with them for years and have been involved with them since the late 1800’s (no, we are not that old, but our family has a long history in education in Asia). 

"Do you offer discounts for long term retainers?"

Yes!  We strongly feel that a long term retainer is the best way for us to work with you.  However, we always like to get to know each other first.  Schedule a meeting with us and we can talk about what is best for your situation. 

"We need some help, but an agency sounds expensive."

You are right.  Agencies can be expensive.  But they don’t have to be.  We understand that schools have all sorts of budget constraints, boards to please, tenders to follow, etc.  Been there, done that.  We work hard to make your budget go as far as it can.  Let’s chat about your specific budget challenges.  We are sure we can find a solution. 

"Does it matter where I'm located?"

Yes and no.  Currently, most of our clients are in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore, but we also work in China, India, Vietnam and most places in Asia (nope, North Korea hasn’t come up yet).  If we are working on digital services, we can work with schools anywhere in the world.  

"I'm not ready to chat yet. I need help just brainstorming what my options are first."

We get it!  Sometimes we just want to window shop, too, or just try things on for size.  We have a handy guide that can help you brainstorm your needs, just click on “Questions” below.  And if you want to explore some of our services to see if they might fit, click on “Answers”.  And when you are ready to chat, you know where we are. 

Ylva Kovacs | American Embassy School, New Delhi | Testimonial

Case Studies

To date, we have worked with 49 schools from Beijing to Brisbane; from 7500ft high in the Indian Himalayas to the beaches of Discovery Bay in Hong Kong; from 300 students in a brand new school to 4000 students in the largest single-campus international school in the world.  

Click on the link below to hear from some of our favourite clients.

We Love What We Do!

We used to work with bankers and oil barons, corporates and politicians, and we’ve photographed some of the richest people in the world. 

But we’ve found that teachers and students are much more fun to work with!  We love our jobs and it comes through in our work.  We hope you enjoy the video to the right as much as we do.     

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