Video Marketing

When we first started creating videos for international schools, they were mainly pretty pictures that moved. We now create videos that are strategic marketing tools to be used for specific marketing goals.

There are two main points that we want to highlight here in terms of our video marketing services.

1. Video marketing and video production are not the same thing. 

There are many video production companies around that can produce pretty moving pictures.  We used to be one of them.  Over the years we have come to realise that videos are only valuable if they are effective in reaching their intended goal.  This is the main difference between video production and video marketing – the emphasis on video as a strategic marketing tool. 

We now create videos to be used as a part of an overall marketing campaign that starts with strategy, goes on to distribution, works within a framework of marketing automation, integrates with various online platforms, and ends with data analysis.  In addition we work with   

2. We create videos as marketing tools, and now can add marketing functions right inside the videos themselves. 

Video technology and platforms are advancing rapidly and we strive to keep on the cutting edge of these trends.  Now, with marketing tools such as Vimeo and HubSpot, we are able to embed marketing functions right inside the actual video.  We can now include subscription forms, surveys, buttons, web links, calls to action, and more – inside your videos!

Take a close look at the video below to see the amazing ways that video can be used to interact with your audience: 




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