Woodstock School

The oldest boarding school in Asia, located 7000 feet up in the Himalayas in India needed a complete media make over.

Woodstock School is an international boarding school founded in 1854 in the tiny village of Landour, 7000 feet up in the Indian Himalayas.  To its alumni, it holds a very special place in their memories and in their hearts.

Our challenge was to convey the emotional place the school has to those that know it well, while communicating a clear commercial message to those that are new to the school.  Our goal was to create an in-house library of photos and videos that would have value to the school for years to come and would be able to be used in a variety of print and online projects.

Our team created a library of images and videos that communicated the schools message on student recruitment, fundraising, and the vision of the school.  The photos and videos are now the centre piece of the school’s new website, social media efforts, communication to donors, and were even produced into a new calendar for the community.

When we were recently there to start production on five new videos for Woodstock, we heard from several students and teachers, “Your videos are the reason that I’m here.”  It is probably the most direct validation of the power of video that we’ve experienced so far.

Take some time to explore the many different types of videos that we’ve created over the years for Woodstock School in the galleries below. 

Head of School

Fundraising & Teacher Recruitment

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School Life


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