American Embassy School New Delhi

American Embassy School (AES) in New Delhi is one of our favourite schools in the world. Of course, we are biased as we love India, but the school would stand on its own regardless.

Alex has known American Embassy School (AES) for over 40 years when the school he was attending at the time, Woodstock School, would play them in sports.  The joke was always, “Go Tigers!” as both schools had the tiger as their mascot, so one tiger or the other would always win!  So it has been a thrill to get the opportunity to work with AES later on in life several times over the past four years. 

AES combines a modern campus with a very international community set in one of the most interesting cultures in the world – India! 

We started working with AES four years ago purely on video production.  Then more recently we’ve moved on to video marketing, where we use those videos as marketing tools, as part of a larger communications effort.  Currently, we are working with AES on a retainer agreement that encompasses many aspects of their marketing and communication all at the same time.  From optimising social media channels to creating design templates to helping them strategise new admissions initiatives, our experience has been a great one of teamwork and collaboration.  It has really been a one plus one equals three experience!

Take some time to explore the various videos that we have created for AES over the years below:  



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