Data Analytics is crucial for school marketers to understand and utilise in order to get an accurate picture of where they are in reaching their marketing goals.

Think about how many numbers need to be tracked by school marketers. The number of new enrolments. The number of responses to an email marketing campaign. The click-through rate of that same campaign. The number of engagements on social media and the number of clicks on your latest paid ad campaign. The list goes on and on.

If you are anything like us, numbers can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. It is easy to get “statistics fatigue” and just tune them out, thereby missing crucial information. It is time to delete those spreadsheets (not before backing them up, of course!) and move on to another way of working with data.

In order for data to actually be useful, it needs to be fed from all of your various platforms, organised into a way that is easy to digest and understand, and needs to be updated in real time. We find that Databox works well on all of these levels. It connects with nearly every platform that we know of, creates stunning customisable visual reports, and is updated in real time.  Take a look at the example below to see an example of Databox in action. 

We can help to make sense out of your data and then make strategic suggestions for improvement. 



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