Marketing Strategy

Strategy needs to be the first step of any plan, especially when it comes to marketing. We can help your school develop its marketing strategy that then guides all marketing efforts from a unified plan.

A well thought out strategy is like having a pair of glasses.  Without it, you can’t see where you are going, where you’ve come from, or even why you are doing anything at all.  Strategy is at the heart of everything that we do at The SchoolHouse Agency.  It is where we start, what we spend a significant amount of time on – especially with our retainer clients – and what we keep coming back to in order to know if our tactics are on track.

Sometimes it is a good move to work with someone outside of your in-house marketing and communications team because they have fresh eyes and can see things from a different perspective.  We would love to sit down and chat about how we can help you with your marketing strategy.  In the meantime, please explore some of the great articles in SchoolHouse Academy that we have on marketing strategy for schools.  Just click on the button to the left below. 




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