Social Media Management & Reporting

Social media management is a huge part of a school marketing and communications professional's work load. We can help to set up design templates, workflows, and reporting for social media to help make the content creation easier.

Social media is a great example of a communication platform that is often best done in collaboration between a school and an agency.  We would never suggest that we could take over the content creation for social media platforms.  That needs to be done by the MarCom staff at schools.  They have their finger on the pulse of what is happening at the school, what the exciting events are, and what stories need to be told on a daily basis.

Where we can often be helpful is in setting up systems and workflows to make the daily work that social media demands that much easier.  We can also create creative templates for photos, videos, and all kinds of content that keep your school’s brand consistent and professional on all platforms.

Another area that we help in is to create short social media videos from the footage that we film for your school’s marketing videos.  These help to bring your social media channels to life! 

Finally, we can help schools set up very easy and beautiful data analytics dashboards that show you in real time what your community engagement is like on all of your social media platforms.  Click on the button in the middle below to see an example, after being impressed with how good our own Facebook page looks below!  




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