Photography is really the visual mainstay of school communications and has so many uses in so many areas - from your newsletter to your website and everything in between. The photos that we provide have an interesting added benefit.

Up until video recently took the top dog position in its power to communicate, photography had really been the most effective way to communicate nearly anything.   And its effectiveness remains today.  Combine a few great photos with some compelling text and you have the makings for a good blog post, newsletter, or note from the head of school.  

Even in this video age, we also recognise the value of photos and we regularly provide them to our international school clients.  But we’ve taken it one step further.

Because we film our videos in 4k high resolution, the file size of our videos can produce still photos that are great for nearly any use other than billboards (and some of our clients have even produced those successfully with our photos).  The added benefit of this is that you get photos that are extracted from the video – they are the very same frame as the video.  When you use photos and videos of the very same scene in various media, it enforces the viewer’s memory, creates consistency across types of media, and strengthens your school brand.

There is a significant cost savings as well.  For those schools working with us on a project basis, we can often provide hundreds of good quality photos for less than the price of hiring a photographer for a single day.  For those schools working with us on a retainer basis, we include photos from videos at no extra charge. 

Take some time to explore a selection of our best photos below.  Just click on the category above the gallery to view that category.    

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