Videos for Admissions

Video is one of the most powerful tools that your school can use for admissions. Take a look at some of the most effective types of admissions videos.

Videos for admissions come in many forms and need to be thought through very carefully to be effective for the long term. Who is our audience – prospective parents or prospective students? Who do they want to hear from – teachers, students, parents, or the Head of School? What message is most effective coming from each presenter?

When we first started creating videos for international schools, we got the same request from everyone – “We need an overall video that tells a viewer everything about our school.” For most schools, those days are long gone. These days, viewers want to see short videos on a specific topic that are bite sized and straight to the point. They want to form their own opinion of your school by watching a series of videos from different perspectives.

Get comfortable, break out the popcorn, and join us for a tour of some of the different kinds of videos we have produced for admissions.  And between bites of popcorn, notice how the perspective of the presenter – the voice – puts the message into a particular context suited for a particular audience.

Use the left and right arrows in the video carousels below to view more videos: 

Student Voices

Teacher Voices

Head of School Voices

Alumni Voices

Parent Voices




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