Videos for Alumni Engagement

Alumni are often the overlooked members of your school communities, but can also be some of the most influential for the future of your school.

Alumni can often be overlooked because they are not currently on campus, but they are very important members of your school community. Schools need to engage their alumni communities in an effective, strategic way.

The first use of alumni videos is obvious – alumni often make the best donors for school fundraising campaigns because they have experienced first hand the benefit that they have received from attending your school and want to share that experience with others later in life.

Alumni videos can also simply encourage other alumni to get involved with your school in other ways. Some schools have alumni networks that help students find meaningful internships during the summers or just after graduation.

Lastly, alumni videos are a powerful tool to promote admissions. Prospective students can view the results of an education at your school by seeing what your alumni have done with their lives and how they have contributed to the world. Alumni videos are great for showing how the values that they learned at your school helped to shape the choices that they made later in life.

Take a few minutes to explore some of the alumni videos that we have done below. 

Alumni Voices



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