Fundraising is not just about raising funds. It is about creating long lasting relationships between donors and your school that result in ongoing support for specific initiatives.

Fundraising isn’t about money. It is about relationships that result in financial support. Donors want to be heard, they want to make a difference, and after their gift is given, they want to feel appreciated. In essence, donors want to be a part of something that they trust and work with people that they trust.

Trust goes hand in hand with communication. And – yep, you guessed it – video is the best form of online communication. But when it comes to significant donors, they want to be treated as individuals, not as a face in the crowd.

There are three key times when video can be used effectively for fundraising. The first is to raise awareness of the fundraising campaign. Make the need known, share the specifics of a project, and go into detail about the difference it is going to make in the life of future students. The second is at the point of the call to action. Nothing hits home like a student looking into the camera and saying, “We would really appreciate your support.” The third is at the thank you stage. After the gifts are given and the tally is in and the goals are met, everyone – no matter how large or how small their donation was – everyone appreciates appreciation.

Video can play a powerful part at each of these stages of fundraising.

Want to step it up to a whole other level? Let us help you incorporate personalised video into your fundraising efforts (a service that is coming soon, but we thought we’d just wet your appetite for fun). 

Take some time to explore some of the videos that we have done for fundraising below. 




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