Videos for Marketing

When it comes to marketing international schools, video is the hottest tool in anyone's toolkit right now. It is the core strength of our agency and we try to incorporate video into nearly everything that we do with our clients.

Over the past eight years of creating over 350 videos for some of the top international schools in the world, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to produce effective videos that communicate a strategic message in a clear way.  We have put together a comprehensive video gallery and have a few suggestions for you when creating your next video for school marketing:

Be Specific, Be Short

While we still get requests for it all the time (and you will see many of them below), the “About Us” overview video is old school.  Now, prospective families want to see shorter videos about the specific things that they are interested in.  Anything over 2-3 minutes often won’t get watched until the end.


Create a Series

We find that the most successful videos are part of a series that, when watched together, tell a complete and in-depth story of your school.  

Consider doing a video on your sports offerings, one on specific academic programs, and then another on extra curricular activities. 

Study Good Examples

We have organised the video gallery below – with more than 100 videos! – to be as helpful as possible to you while you plan your next video series.  Each section is a different kind of video with a specific focus.  We hope this gallery sparks some ideas of how marketing videos can work for your school. 


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