Videos for Social Media

Video and social media were made for each other. On social media, you need something that catches your viewer's attention and communicates a message quickly. Nothing is as effective as video.

When people think of video and social media, they immediately think of YouTube. However, while YouTube is certainly an important platform to promote your international school on, it doesn’t end there.

Video has literally taken over Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and many other social media platforms that schools use. If you want to get noticed on social media, post video.  We can help, as this is one of our core specialties.  Here are some keys to how to be successful with social media videos and what we offer:  

Keep It Short

Social media videos are the hot thing right now. We create them in the native format and size for each social media channel. 15 second clips are best with graphics messaging while 30 second clips can include a short segment of an interview as well.  See examples below. 

Study What Works

We have put together the video gallery below to give you some ideas of what can work well on social media.  Look at the length, message and delivery of each video to determine what would work best for your school. 

Monthly Packages

We provide social media videos in monthly packages with very affordable pricing.  So now you can easily keep your social media channels updated with great looking professional content. 


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