Videos for Teacher Recruitment

Schools need to recruit the best teachers in much the same way that they recruit students. And video can play just as strategic a role.

In many ways, teachers need to be marketed to in a similar way that students do. In today’s highly competitive international school market, teachers are looking for the best opportunity for the next step in their career. And they often have many options.

Just like in student recruitment, finding “right fit” teachers is at the core of teacher recruitment. While most teachers will want to view your admissions videos because many will be brining kids of their own, more than anything else they want to hear from their peers – the voices of teachers who have gone before them and now call your school community “home”.

How does your school live out its vision and values? What is the community like to bring up a family in? Will they feel supported by the administration and encouraged to pursue further professional development? Nothing answers these questions like a peer to peer teacher recruitment video.

These videos are very helpful at job fairs, but also have a strategic place on professional social media platforms such as Linkedin.  They can also be used to create a customised journey for teacher recruitment.  To experience one for yourself, click here or on the middle button below. 

Take some time to explore the videos below that we have done for teacher recruitment. 




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