Admissions Strategy & Management

Everything needs to start with strategy. Otherwise we don't know where we are going or why. We can help your school develop an admissions strategy and then a plan to follow.

The one thing that all schools have in common is that they all need students in order to be able to function as a school. We like to say that the most important person at a school is the Director of Admissions, not the Head of School (but don’t tell your Head of School that before we’ve signed a retainer!!). With the exception of fundraising, the admissions process accounts for nearly all of the revenue of a school.

Given its importance, many schools don’t give their admissions process much thought. What has been working for them steadily for years will probably work for many more years to come. But times are changing. In the hyper competitive markets of Bangkok, Hong Kong, and the UAE, what worked a few years ago might not work anymore.

We help schools refine and rethink their admissions strategy and process from the ground up. Think outside the box. Look at things from a different angle. Explore what other schools are doing. Get inspiration from a highly experienced consultant from the other side of the world.

We can help your school to design the messaging, the outreach, the content, the videos, the reporting processes, and the tech platforms to transform your admissions process from the same old thing to something that attracts and retains right fit students.





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