Animated Logos

Animated logos bring your video to life and reinforce your brand in a professional and visually pleasing way. We have a lot of experience creating animated school logos.

Just like any other part of your school branding, animated logos need to communicate the personality of your school. What the motion is, how fast it is, what other elements are included, how the animation unfolds – all these factors contribute to the overall impression it gives.

Schools shouldn’t be limited to only animating their main school logo, but often have other supporting logos – such as sports teams, or school divisions – that can have new life breathed into them through animation.  We were thrilled to work with Beijing City International School on a total of three animated logos for them – school, sports, and a new academic program they have started. 

Explore some of the animated logos that we have worked on below:


The SchoolHouse Agency

Teacher’s Estate

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