Custom Admissions Journeys

No two prospective families are exactly the same, nor are they looking for exactly the same thing in a new school. It is important to provide an admissions experience that supports each and every unique journey.

We create custom admissions journeys that are unique to your school and recognise the unique journey that your prospective families are on as well.  Prospective families want to be in charge of their own school research, rather than just being fed generic information from schools.  We can give them an interactive experience that lets them decide what they want to learn and what aspects of your school are most interesting to them. 

All of this information is kept track of and then acts as the basis for personal conversations with the families once they have contacted your admissions department.  This allows your school to know what is important to your families even before you meet them.  This attention to detail not only helps your school stand out but also helps your prospective families to feel cared for, listened to, and appreciated.   

The example below is also a Virtual Video Tour, but it is a great example of giving viewers choice to explore what areas of a school they want to.  




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