Admissions Software: Enquiry Tracker

Enquiry Tracker is an elegant and easy to use software platform for tracking your entire admissions process from first contact through to enrolment.

Video Campus Tours

Campus tours lie at the heart of the admissions process. Let’s explore some options we have to continue these when it is harder for prospective families to be on campus.

Videos for Admissions

Video is one of the most powerful tools that your school can use for admissions. Take a look at some of the most effective types of admissions videos.

Personalised Videos

One of our most anticipated services yet, personalised videos combine video with cutting edge technology to give your viewers a very memorable experience. Stay tuned for more info.

Student Persona Development

No two schools are alike. And no two students are alike. So how do we find the students that are “right fit” students for our school? It all starts with strategy.

Marketing Automation

Nothing could be farther from what we have come to love about the interpersonal world of schools than the words “marketing” and “automation”.
Let’s get beyond that and harness it’s power and make it work for your school.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is crucial for school marketers to understand and utilise in order to get an accurate picture of where they are in reaching their marketing goals.

Custom Admissions Journeys

No two prospective families are exactly the same, nor are they looking for exactly the same thing in a new school. It is important to provide an admissions experience that supports each and every unique journey.

Admissions Strategy & Management

Everything needs to start with strategy. Otherwise we don’t know where we are going or why. We can help your school develop an admissions strategy and then a plan to follow.