Video Campus Tours

Campus tours lie at the heart of the admissions process. Let’s explore some options we have to continue these when it is harder for prospective families to be on campus.

Videos for Online Ads

As schools venture into online ads, video is the most strategic content type to use. We will soon be adding some examples of using video for online ads.

Video Production

We started our relationship with international schools through video production. We now have two levels of teams creating videos in multiple locations around Asia.

Video Marketing

When we first started creating videos for international schools, they were mainly pretty pictures that moved. We now create videos that are strategic marketing tools to be used for specific marketing goals.

Video Distribution

Videos are only effective if they are viewed. Many videos are used in a way that they just don’t get seen. Let us help you make the most of your school’s investment in video through effective video distribution.

Personalised Videos

One of our most anticipated services yet, personalised videos combine video with cutting edge technology to give your viewers a very memorable experience. Stay tuned for more info.

Photo & Consent Management

Pixevety is a digital asset management platform made specifically for schools. It acts as a central depository to store all kinds of files including photos, videos, etc. It also manages parent consent for the use of their children’s photos.

Student Persona Development

No two schools are alike. And no two students are alike. So how do we find the students that are “right fit” students for our school? It all starts with strategy.


Photography is really the visual mainstay of school communications and has so many uses in so many areas – from your newsletter to your website and everything in between. The photos that we provide have an interesting added benefit.

Marketing Strategy

Strategy needs to be the first step of any plan, especially when it comes to marketing. We can help your school develop its marketing strategy that then guides all marketing efforts from a unified plan.